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An autopsy on the body of a nude woman discovered over the weekend by motorists near I-70 shows the victim was strangled two months ago, Emery County Sheriff Lamar Guymon said Monday.

A Colorado couple traveling east on I-70 discovered the body about 1 p.m. Saturday, about 15 miles west of Green River, Guymon said.The motorists "walked out into the trees and discovered a white female lying face up in a small wash or ravine" about 80 feet south of the freeway, the sheriff said.

"At the crime scene, we determined there was no clothing and no jewelry. She had been there about two months," Guymon said. "The medical examiner indicates she died of strangulation."

Although there were no reports of area missing women matching the victim's description, investigators were "following some leads in the state of missing women," the sheriff said.