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Former Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North attacked CBS for its docudrama on his life and role in the Iran-Contra scandal, saying the network is always on the attack.

"I cannot ask you to endorse what I have done, or failed to do," North told about 750 people at a $100-a-plate state Republican fund-raiser Monday night. "I stand before you as a mere mortal, contrary to what CBS would have you believe, a frail human being who makes mistakes every single day."About 20 anti-North demonstrators marched outside the Holiday Inn hotel where the dinner was held.

North, who is on a nationwide speaking tour to raise money for his legal defense while his case is under appeal, received a standing ovation before and after his half-hour speech, in which he attacked what he called "a hostile media."

The two-part CBS series, titled, "Guts and Glory - The Rise and Fall of Oliver North," aired at the end of North's lengthy trial.

"Surely there will be people like CBS who will always be on the attack, people who will shirk at nothing to tear down, rather than build up," North said.

"But surely there must in this republic of ours be enough people who care about the future for your children and mine who will indeed stand up for what they believe in."