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The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has given $50,000 to the Utah Wildlife Resources Division to help the state agency buy 2,000 acres of land for an elk preserve.

The contribution will be matched by division money obtained from the sale of hunting licenses and excise taxes on firearms and hunting equipment, said spokesman Les Smith.The future elk habitat, to be known as the Cherry Creek Wildlife Management Area, is in northern Cache County, just east of Richmond, said Smith. It is the 12th Utah elk habitat project the foundation has helped fund.

Dwight Bunnell, the division's chief of game management, said, "Every single dollar for this project has come out of the sportsmen's pocket."

"Whether it's through donations to organizations like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the purchase of licenses and stamps, or the excise tax on equipment, sportsmen continue to lead the way in their support of conservation programs," said Bunnell.