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Utah Valley Community College is kicking off its library book donation campaign by offering the opportunity for people to buy a piece of the future through the "Buy a Book Campaign."

The UVCC library has enlisted the help of the college's foundation to obtain books and materials needed to improve the quality and quantity of resources available at the college.According to a study conducted by the American Library Association, the UVCC library should have 70,000 books to adequately meet the needs of the academic, vocational and trade programs. To reach that goal, UVCC would have to acquire an additional 30,000 books.

"Many people don't see a need to donate to a tax-supported institution, but in reality UVCC is only a tax-assisted institution," said Martha Nielsen, director of development for individual giving. "The state doesn't have the money to purchase new books; they pay for the brick and mortar to build the library, and we are expected to fill it."

Hal Wing, president of Wing Enterprises and campaign chairman, launched the campaign with a $5,000 donation. He will direct the efforts of 12 team captains who will recruit 2,000 campaign volunteers.

People who would like to become involved in the campaign or donate to the library should call Marty Nielsen at 222-8000, ext. 205.