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"Personal Fouls," the controversial book about the North Carolina State basketball program, has been scheduled for publication by a New York publisher after being turned down by a larger house, a Charlotte newspaper says.

Author Peter Golenbock is expected to announce plans for publication in a news conference Thursday in New York, The Charlotte Observer reported."Personal Fouls" was scheduled for publication in February by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, but the parent company canceled those plans after the North Carolina Attorney General's office threatened legal action. Simon & Schuster said the book "did not meet the standards of Pocket Books."

Though it has yet to be published, publicity about "Personal Fouls" led to investigations of the N.C. State program by the NCAA and the UNC board of governors. Both are ongoing.

A preliminary dust cover for the book said the book would reveal extensive corruption in the Wolfpack program, including grade changes and payments of money and jewelry to players.