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Two young Salt Lake area men who hope to ride bicycles across the 1,938-mile Pony Express Trail in June, completed a 367-mile-long marathon run Friday and Saturday at the Salt Lake International Center.

Veteran endurance bicycle riders Matt DeWaal, Bountiful, and Jay Aldous, Salt Lake City, started at 6:20 a.m. Friday and ended at the same time Saturday morning.Both wore heart monitors, and Aldous said Monday they were surprised by the results.

"We thought our hearts would speed up the longer we rode our bicycles, mainly because we would be more tired, but our hearts slowed down their activity the longer we rode, as if our hearts were becoming conditioned by the exercise."

DeWaal and Aldous plan to pedal more than 300 miles this weekend on the Pony Express Trail in Wyoming, from Fort Bridger across South Pass toward Casper.

They will ride the following weekend nearer Salt Lake City and set off on their planned Pony Express Trail trip June 6, starting in Sacramento, Calif., and ending up in St. Joseph, Mo., June 16.