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Stephen R. Covey & Associates has signed an agreement with Simon & Schuster to publish 100,000 copies of Covey's new book "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The first edition will be available in September.

According to Covey & Associates, the book "provides insight into understanding and utilizing leadership principles that significantly impact individual and organizational performance."Developed from a review of success literature published since 1776, Covey found that the focus for success was centered around the character ethic until the mid-1930's when it shifted to the personality ethic.

"Teaching character before skills is the answer to the problems in business and educational instruction today," said Covey.

In his book Covey has outlined essential leadership principles that form a balance between character and personality trends.

"Truly effective people lead their lives and manage their relationships around principles," said Covey. "Indeed the best company leaders are still value-driven."