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Ousted Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos has been placed back on a respirator and was listed in critical condition Wednesday because of a recurrence of pneumonia, hospital officials said.

Marcos, 71, has been at St. Francis Medical Center since Jan. 15 with respiratory, heart and kidney ailments.He had been listed in guarded condition and was in a unit for heart patients before his relapse prompted his return to intensive care on Monday, hospital officials said.

He also was reattached to a respirator, the hospital said in a statement Tuesday night.

"It's an episodic thing. He has pneumonia and his condition has been downgraded," said Eugene Tiwanak, assistant hospital administrator.

In April, doctors said Marcos was chronically ill and unlikely to recover.

Marcos and his wife, Imelda, are under U.S. indictment on charges they plundered more than $100 million from the Philippine government and used the money to buy artwork and real estate.

Because of his illness, Marcos has been separated from the case.