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The Rose and Cotton bowls are among eight football bowls fined by an NCAA committee for using a professional athlete in promotions or promoting the NFL, a television station reported.

The Rose Bowl fine of $11,892 was the highest, followed by the Cotton Bowl's penalty of $10,118, KRIV-TV in Houston reported Tuesday.According to an NCAA memo dated April 24 and obtained by KRIV, both bowls were fined for using a professional athlete in promotions, and the Cotton Bowl also was cited for promoting the NFL.

The station said the other bowls fined for using a professional athlete in advertising were the All-American Bowl, $1,000; the Fiesta Bowl, $5,751; the Orange Bowl, $5,471; the Sugar Bowl, $5,610; and the Hall of Fame Bowl, $3,010.

The Sun Bowl was fined $1,614 for promoting the NFL, KRIV said.

"Fines are tied to a percentage of the gross revenues of the bowls, and are assessed if a professional athlete is used in advertising during the telecast of the game, or as in the case of the Sun Bowl, if a network promotes an upcoming NFL game," said John Swofford, athletic director of North Carolina.