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Utah's PTA will put its weight behind a movement to ban alcoholic beverage advertisements from World Olympic competitions.

Utah delegates voted in favor of the ban during a recent convention in Provo. They will forward the proposal to the national PTA for consideration.The group also will recommend that the State Office of Education develop curricula guidelines for fifth and sixth grade maturation programs. Such programs now are left to the individual schools and vary considerably in content and quality, said Mareid Horton, Provo, PTA resolutions chairman.

The delegates recommended that maturation curricula exclude inappropriate discussion of homosexuality, explicit details of sexual intercourse or contraception, she said.

The state organization also will develop a task force to study problems related to the use of hotels, motels and condominiums by unchaperoned minors. An existing health commission will look into existing laws, how dram shop laws affect the situation and consider a public awareness campaign.

A fourth resolution passed by the state convention, which drew more than 2,000 participants, would promote educational programs to alert parents, students, teachers, coaches and the public to the dangers of anabolic steroids.

The PTA will encourage the Utah High Schools Activities Association to join a campaign to prevent young people from using the dangerous drugs.

Self-esteem also was targeted by the PTA.