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To the editor:

The city of West Jordan is at a crossroads. We have an opportunity to make a change that will turn us toward a more open, productive future.On May 23, we have the opportunity to vote on the kind of government we want in the future. I urge all citizens to vote in favor of proposition A. We need the change to an elected leader in our government. The time has come to put the government back into the hands of the people.

I endorse the change for several reasons.

1. It restores the voice of the people to the administration of the city.

2. It is far more cost effective and in all probability less expensive than the manager form of government we now have.

3. It separates power between the legislative and the executive. That separation does not now exist.

I urge all the citizens of West Jordan to listen to their own hearts and ignore the self-serving protestations of a City Council that fears a loss of its power. Please vote for the change to a mayor/council form of government on May 23.

Dennis Randall

Former West Jordan mayor