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The largest number of Weber State College honors program graduates in that program's 23-year history were recognized recently at the WSC Honors Cortez Banquet.

Twenty students were honored at the annual banquet, as well as four professors who donated time to teach honors classes. The honors program is designed to offer superior students opportunities for mastery of in-depth studies, as well as a broader understanding of general academics and the arts, a description of the honors program states.Three graduating students, Jeff Salisbury, Vivian Talbot and Lois Graviet, were recognized for high grade-point averages. Other seniors recognized include: Marjorie Anderson, Jodi Budge, Troy Child, Karen Dewey, Michael R. Fine, Scott Forsberg, Coral Lou Glenn, Lois P. Graviet, Don E. Hall, Raven R. Haney, John Jusko, Carrie Lower, Marnee L. Madsen, E. Carol Nelson, Wendy B. Rich, Christine Slater-Haupt, Blake Taylor and Ethan Yorgason.

WSC faculty members honored for contributions to the honors program include: John Sillito of the Stewart Library, Michael Toth of the sociology department, Mikel Vause, an English professor, and Gloria Wurst of the zoology department.