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A "Name the Parks" contest is being held to give formal names to three of Centerville's city parks. Only one park, Smoot Family Park, has a formal name, according to Mayor Dean Argyle, and residents refer to the other three by several different names.

Names are being sought for the parks at Seventh East, on Main Street, and the new sports complex north of Chase Lane Village that will be built this summer.A park can be named after a person, place, thing or special characteristic of the park, according to the contest rules, which also ask for a short explanation of how the name was selected.

Deadline for entries is June 15 at the city office. Entries will be reviewed by the city's parks and recreation committee, which will recommend names to the City Council. The council will adopt the names and award prizes at its July 18 meeting.

Winners will receive a $50 savings bond. Entry forms are available at the city office and designated points around Centerville.