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Mayor Ron Christensen is still apologizing.

"I shouldn't have done it," he says.What Christensen did was pull the switch that governs the flow of power to the local cable television system. The result was an hourlong cable television blackout throughout the town.

The mayor's intention was apparently good. He wanted to assure a large turnout at a public meeting being held that night to determine the fate of the proposed sewer system.

The strategy apparently worked. About 180 residents attended the meeting. And 103 of them voted in favor of the sewer, while 47 voted against. Each household got one vote.

Some cable TV viewers, deprived of their favorite programs, were not amused.

Other residents have spoken up in defense of the mayor. "He was man enough to admit he was the culprit," one of them said. But then he's not a cable TV subscriber.

In retrospect, the mayor said he shouldn't have done it, even if the cause was just and he was conducting a strong campaign on behalf of the sewer.

But he hasn't yet decided whether he'll be a candidate for re-election. "That depends," he said.