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When most kids think of going to summer school, it makes them feel sick to their stomach.

But that doesn't always have to be the case.This summer, Provo School District is offering the most comprehensive summer program ever, according to Superintendent Jim Bergera.

Students will be able to choose not only remedial courses, but accelerated classes and fun classes as well.

This is the first year the district will offer accelerated courses for students interested in gaining additional credit for early graduation. Classes range from French to trigonometry.

Lighter classes range from basketball to knitting and chess competition.

All registration is handled at the middle and high schools and students may register for summer classes at any school. Tuition is $35 for one-fourth credit and $55 for one-half credit.

Summer school sessions are June 8-28 and June 29-July 21.

"We are hoping that summer school will be a good offering for many participants," said Vern Brimley, assistant to the superintendent.

A minimum of 16 students must sign up for a class to carry it through the summer. If there are fewer than 16, a teacher may choose to carry the class, but will receive less pay.

Most summer school courses are offered to students enrolled in secondary schools, but some elementary schools are also offering some fun classes, said Kathy Luke, elementary education curriculum director.


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Opera, anyone?

If swimming or summer school isn't your type of summer activity, you may want to join up with Opera West.

Children interested in singing with the Opera West Select Chorus, ages 9 to 12, or the Opera West Junior Chorus, ages 5 to 8, should contact the director, Gay Parvis, at 377-4614.

The summer semester will last until mid-July providing instruction in correct voice production, theory and harmony.