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The Veterans Memorial Pool and Water Slide Park, the city's outdoor swimming pool and slide, will officially open for the summer this Saturday, but residents interested in swimming lessons and special programs will most likely see a price increase for the new season.

The City Council is scheduled to vote on increased fees for the Jr. Pikes Swimming Program, swimming lessons and three-month pass memberships at its May 23 meeting.In this week's study meeting, Aquatics Director Sherman Miller said the increases will bring the costs in line with what other pools throughout the state are charging.

"The program should carry itself, but if we have a lot of large families, I'd rather see it at $18 than have none come at all," council member Ron Last said in a previous study meeting.

Swimming lesson fees would also increase for large families. Previously, families with more than three children could enroll their fourth child free.

"It takes as much staff time and it's not cheaper to bring more kids in," Miller said. "There's not good equity there."

The Jr. Pikes program is two months long - June and July - and gives children age 5 to 16 a chance to swim competitively. They can spend up to 80 hours in the program.

By increasing the Jr. Pikes program, costs will come in line with fees charged for swimming lessons, Miller said.

The $20 swimming lesson fee pays for nine lessons in two weeks.

Dennis Leroy, parks and recreation director, said gymnasts and most of the other program participants pay amounts comparable to the proposed fees and less time is involved. "That is not the case anywhere in the state."

Miller said, "We feel it is really out of sync. I checked prices at 18 pools from St. George to Logan and this is in line with their rates."

The Provo pool is located at the city's North Park at 450 West and Fifth North.


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Proposed rates

Jr. Pikes Swimming Program $30 first child $30 per child

$15 additional child

Swimming lesson fees $20 per person $20 fee

$60 cap/family no fee

Three-month pass $60 $80

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