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More than 100 laid-off workers from several mining companies that have operated in Utah have been certified as eligible for federal Trade Act benefits, Utah Employment Security Department officials report

Affected workers may qualify for Trade Act unemployment insurance, training, job search and relocation allowances, said spokesman Roger Slagwoski."If an employer or employees feel they have been impacted by foreign goods or imports, or lost their jobs, they can apply for the benefits, he said.

The benefits include federally funded unemployment insurance, up to $5,000 per worker for retraining, $800 for job search assistance, and up to 90 percent of relocation expenses.

The eligible employees include about 100 former Utah workers of Exeter Drilling, 24 from Grace Drilling, one from Pathfinder Mines Corp., and an unknown number from Westburn Drilling, Shelby Drilling and Geosource.