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Brian Harrow has played chess for less than a year, but already he is showing championship form.

The 9-year-old fourth-grader competed against sixth-graders in a recent national competition and made a very good showing, coming in 7th in the junior varsity division in the U.S. National Elementary Chess Championships at Arizona State University.After winning his first six games, he was playing center board for the national championship. He lost to a sixth-grader in a disputed game in the seventh round.

Brian was fourth in Utah competition in his age group, again coming in behind three sixth-graders. He will be ranked number one in his group in the state as the sixth-graders move to a higher division.

The son of Joan and Kenneth Harrow, he is a student at Rowland Hall-St. Marks, where he excels in scholarship as well as chess. He also plays soccer and baseball, is a piano student and involved in Boy Scouts.