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The Sanpete County Commission hopes to find a cure to a festering problem - trailers and mobile homes in unincorporated areas of the county - at public hearings on May 2 and June 6 at the courthouse in Manti.

The outcome of the hearings will be much stricter rules and regulations governing the location, maintenance and use of mobile homes, say commissioners. The action follows a constant flow of complaints about mobile home developments, especially in the northern end of the county, Wanda Bartholomew, county clerk, said.Those complaints have included allegations that some mobile homes have been allowed to become eyesores and that some areas have become shanty towns, she said.

The complaints have also alleged safety and health hazards and a loss of property values resulting from the presence of mobile homes.

Most of the homes have been located on lots in land development areas and the owners have, in some cases, responded with complaints of their own: broken promises, misleading information on the part of some subdividers, county neglect of roads and lack of law enforcement.

In some cases, lot buyers have abandoned their property, leaving the trailer homes to steadily deteriorate.

More than 10 years ago, the county - aware of a growing land development problem - adopted a development code that included a chapter setting forth a number of regulations concerning mobile homes, but the problems continued to fester and become even more severe as subdividing continued.

In response to the increasing flood of complaints, the Commission last fall placed a six-month moratorium on the location of trailers and mobile homes in unincorporated areas of Sanpete County.

That moratorium expired April 1.

The 2 p.m. hearing on May 2 will include suggestions and comments regarding new standards and requirements for trailers and mobile homes.

That input will be taken into account in a revision of the section of the county's development code that pertains to mobile homes, Bartholomew said.

The commission will present its revised version of the code, including some clarifications, and provisions for the granting of both temporary and permanent mobile home permits, at a public hearing June 6 at 2 p.m. at the courthouse.