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A broad-ranging study drafted by the Commerce Department recommends a coordinated government policy to halt the erosion of the U.S. electronics industry, department officials say.

Jack McPhee, director of the Office of Computers and Business Equipment, said the report calls for development of a coordinated policy led by the Vice President's Council on Competitiveness."We are now putting the finishing touches on an initial draft to run around the policy areas at Commerce, with the obvious intention of eventually sending it to Congress after everybody has concurred on what it should say," McPhee said.

He noted that "many of the things that we recommend or concur with in the report are things that are under way or may be slightly beyond where things are, whether it's antitrust, or research and development policy, or science and engineering policy. . . . It's a very broad report."

McPhee declined to give further details on findings.

The Council on Competitiveness, chaired by Vice President Dan Quayle, was established in late March to review regulatory and other issues bearing on U.S. competitiveness around the world.

William Krist, vice president for international trade of the American Electronics Association, said he had reviewed a draft copy of the Commerce study.

"It portrays the electronics industry as a strong industry, having had really good growth. But that masks a deep erosion of competitive strength," he said.