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A Monday night fire gutted an apartment and damaged adjacent apartments in an older converted Salt Lake home, fire officials said.

"I got home and hit a whole face full of smoke," said Mike Sartori, 1134 S. Fourth East, #3. He returned home about 10:15 p.m. and attempted to put the fire out, but could not.Sartori said he then helped evacuate other tenants in the apartment building and no one was injured during the incident. He was also able to rescue his dog, Crystal, who was found whimpering on the balcony outside of his burning apartment.

"At least I saved my buddy," he said, hugging the animal.

Salt Lake Fire Battalion Chief LaMont Epperson said the upper floor and back end of the building was in flames when firefighters arrived, but said they were able to put out the flames within 10 minutes.

He estimated damage at about $15,000 and said the fire probably began in the upper walls of the apartment, but the exact cause has not yet been determined.