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Lucille Ball's husband, Gary Morton, said Monday he and his late wife's two children bade a solemn, informal farewell to television's first lady of comedy at a private memorial over the weekend.

"There were just the three of us," Morton said. "That's what Lucy asked us to do. You couldn't really call it a service. There was no clergyman present."Morton and Ball, who had two children by her previous marriage to Desi Arnaz, were married in 1961.

The children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr., joined Morton "to say goodbye," Morton said. Ball died of a ruptured aorta Wednesday.

"It was just the three of us doing our thing, each speaking to her and to each other. It all was kept very confidential, which is the way Lucy wanted it," he said.

Morton declined to reveal where or exactly when the memorial was held.

"She was very upset at the kind of thing that happened at Marilyn Monroe's funeral," he said, referring to the unruly mobs who turned out for Monroe's burial.

In lieu of a memorial service, Lucie Arnaz said three Roman Catholic Masses will be celebrated in memory of her mother Monday night, May 8, at churches in Santa Monica, Calif., New York and Chicago.