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Members of the Salt Lake Council of Women held their installation luncheon Monday at Little America.

Theme was "Wishing You Well." Luncheon tables were centered with wishing wells and each guest received a minature wishing well as a party favor.Ardith Miller was installed as president.

Assisting her during the next year will be Donna Jewel, president elect; Gladys Walz, vice president; Elizabeth Hindley, recording secretary; Carol Hutchings, treasurer; Frances Pedersen, historian; Marilyn Child, auditor; Madeline Parker, parliamentarian; Linda Itami, chaplain; and Virginia McDonald, flag custodian.

Music for the occasion was furnished by Lorraine Wilkinson.

Outgoing president of the group is Lourraine Peterson. She received a past president's pin.

Luncheon chairman was Gretta Baur, who introduced David Behunin, featured vocalist. On the luncheon committee were Aleda Jones, Irene Shackelford, Ruth Ellen Rands, Janet Bennett, Elaine Benson, Harriet Hewitt, Myrtle Lester, Lula Jean Secrist and Loretta Bartlett.

Installation was conducted by Eilene Marchand.

Before the luncheon, guests toured the Dolores Chase Fine Arts Gallery on Pierpont Avenue. Marilyn Child, cultural arts chairman, made the arrangements.