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For kindergarten and first grade. Cut out a comic strip. Remove the last frame. With the child, discuss what might happen in the last frame, then compare that with what the last frame actually shows.

Let your child dictate a news story about something he has done at home or in the neighborhood. Write the story for him. Encourage a hand-drawn illustration. For extra realism, type the story in a narrow column and paste it over a regular newspaper story.Read aloud the pet section of the classified ads. Ask your child questions.

Let the child cut letters of her name from headlines and paste them on a sheet of paper. Then let her cut out pictures of things she likes and make a collage below her name.

For second and third graders. Choose four comic strips from the paper. Cut the frames apart. Mix all the frames together. Ask your child to make four piles, one for each comic strip. Older children can then arrange each comic strip in its correct order.

Have an alphabet race with the newspapers. Ask your child to circle a word starting with A, then B, then C and so on, staying in alphabetical order. Race all the way to Z.