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Two men who police thought might be connected to a Colorado bank robbery are just a couple of lucky guys.

Sandy Detective Mike Eldredge said two men tried to exchange a bundle of $20 bills and $50 bills stained with red dye at the Draper Bank & Trust, 8997 S. Seventh East, on Tuesday. Bank employees referred the men to the Federal Reserve Bank and then, because of the appearance of the money, called police.Officers originally thought the money, about $3,000, may have come from a bank robbery in Boulder, Colo., because the description of the bank robber fit that of one of the men who tried to exchange the money. Dye is commonly used by banks to stain money taken in bank heists.

Apparently the men found the money in a canyon about six months ago and had turned it over to the sheriff's office, Eldridge said. But the sheriff's office returned it to them after failing to determine the rightful owner.