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The drive to get Salt Lake County residents to the polling places next week begins Saturday.

Salt Lake County Sheriff Pete Hayward, County Attorney Dave Yocom and County Commissioner Mike Stewart are making pitches on area airwaves to get residents inspired enough to head to the voting booth on Tuesday.An election is scheduled on a $12 million bond issue to fund a new jail at 33rd South and the Jordan River for housing misdemeanants.

About a third of the inmates will be convicted drunken drivers who have exhausted other alternatives to jail in previous DUI cases. Shoplifters and bad-check writers also will be housed at the 360-bed, dormitory-style facility.

County officials have gone on the speaking circuit the last three weeks, trying to obtain support for the jail, which would ease over-crowding at the aging downtown facility.

Gov. Norm Bangerter also has recorded a radio ad encouraging citizens to exercise their franchise in the voting process.

"We can't spend taxpayer money to campaign for it. All we can do is tell people to study the issue," said Yocom.