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Town Square Theater is back in business with a summer slate of free Sunday night firesides, a children's production, and two LDS-oriented musicals.

"Saturday's Warrior" opens tonight (Saturday) and will run through June 10 with shows Friday, Saturday, and Monday evenings at 8. For reservations and ticket prices, phone 377-2327.Thom Duncan, owner of the theater upstairs at the back of Provo Town Square, 25 N. University Ave., will portray Parley P. Pratt on Sundays, May 21 and 28, at 7 p.m. These fireside performances are free, and families and groups are welcome.

On June 16, "Narnia" will open. The musical is a product of the chilren's theater workshop, directed by Anna Murdock of Spanish Fork.

"My Turn on Earth," by Carol Lynn Pearson and Lex de Azevedo, will begin July 1 and continue through the month.

Duncan's Town Square Theater is not to be confused with Town Square Backstage Dinner Theater, located in the same building.