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The passage of time and separation by many miles don't deter 11 members of the "Manti Crowd" from getting together regularly for reunions and reflecting on their times together as neighbors, friends and classmates at Manti High School, from which they graduated in 1930. The group, which has been gathering for more than 70 years, met Friday for lunch and reminiscence at Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City. "From the time when we were in the first and second grades together in Manti, we used to meet together and walk to school. We think it's unusual that we have stayed together, kept in contact, remembered birthdays and many other occasions. Not a week goes by that we don't keep in touch," said Lucille Reid Peterson Lovewell, Salt Lake City. Members are (front row) Naomi Madsen Ekberg, Salt Lake City; Edith Johnson Nye, Ogden; Martha Henrie Kenner, Provo; Lorna Nielsen, Salt Lake City; (back row) Georgia Hougaard Davis, Oxnard, Calif.; Dortha Jensen McLaughlin, Phoenix; LaVeta Coleman Wall, Salt Lake City; Edith Harrison Stein, Provo; Virginia Hougaard Harder, Logan; Clara Ebershed Armstrong, Salt Lake City; and Lovewell.