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Authorities are baffled by the mysterious disappearance of a woman who walked away from her Sandy home more than a week ago.

At about 8 p.m. on May 12, Annette Hill, 38, told her 11-year-old daughter that she was leaving and would be back in two hours. She has not been seen since.Police are searching for the woman, but there is no direct evidence of foul play, said Sgt. Baird Jones. Friends and neighbors describe Hill's disappearance as unusual, saying she is normally very responsible and had a good relationship with her daughter.

"I guess the little girl waited around all day Saturday (May 13) before telling anyone," a Sandy police dispatcher said.

Police said the single mother apparently left with only her wallet. The woman did not take her automobile when she left her apartment near 82nd South and 1220 East. It is not known where the woman intended to go or whether she left with anyone.

Hill is described as Caucasian, 110 pounds, 5-foot-4-inches with blue eyes and strawberry blond, shoulder-length hair.