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Three months after losing its beer and liquor licenses because of gambling, the Brigham City Eagles want to start serving beer again.

Club member Robert L. Bennett said he has worked out a deal to lease the building for one year from the Eagles on condition that he is given sole control of what takes place in the club's restaurant, lounge and dance hall, including opening the facility to the public."The facility will belong to me," he said.

Under the lease agreement, the building will remain under the ownership of the Eagles, but the club will have to give up its exclusive use.

Bennett has told the Brigham City Council the club will retain only two offices in the building and on certain nights of the week will be given access to the hall strictly for ceremonies and rituals.

In February, the club agreed to surrender its beer license after undercover officers observed violations of city code and criminal laws, including gambling..

A criminal complaint alleging gambling violations was filed against the Eagles lodge and four club members in 1st Circuit Court in February, and the club pleaded guilty and paid a $500 fine.

Charges against three of the four members were dropped, but Lloyd C. Robinette pleaded guilty to gambling and was given a 30-day jail sentence, suspended on payment of a $500 fine.