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About 200 of Utah's brightest seventh-, eighth- and ninth-graders - winners of the annual Rocky Mountain Talent Search - were honored Saturday in the University of Utah Fine Arts Auditorium.

The talent search invites junior high youngsters whose school achievement test scores are in the 95th percentile or higher to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is ordinarily given to graduating high school seniors who plan to attend college.Youngsters scoring 450 or higher in math and 430 on the verbal section are declared talent search winners. Those scores mean the students' performance is better than about 50 percent of college-bound high school seniors.

The top Utah scorers on the verbal test, their schools, and approximate percentile ranks compared to high school seniors were: Tyler Jarvik, West High, 680 (98); Michelle Haithcock, North Layton Junior High 660 (98); and Michael Shirts, West High, also 660 (98). High math cores were: Shirts, 770 (99); Jarvik, 740 (98); and Gordon Hopper, Butler Middle School, also 740 (98).

All winners will received a ribbon and certificate, and top three scorers got a special rosette. The Utah awards ceremony is sponsored by the U. department of special education and the Utah Association for Gifted Children.

Salt Lake County winners in the Rocky Mountain Talent Search:

Albion Middle School, Jordan District: Brock A. Anderson, Alisa A. Brewer, David W. Coltrin, Kevin L. Mansell, Suzanne E. Walters, Daniel J. Woodbury.

Bingham Middle School, Jordan District: Spencer Clark, Suzanne M. Cook, Hilary Hancock, Colby J. Hart, Tiffanie E. Jefferies, Stephanie J. Labrum, Bryn Nelson, Nathaniel M. Ormond, Amy L. Paulsen, Neil C. Whitaker.

Bryant Junior High, Salt Lake City District: Scott B. Beck, Phillip J. Maestas, Melanie J. Russell.

Butler Middle School, Jordan District: Angelyn Hall, Brent W. Holtkamp, Gordon T. Hopper, Ryan D. Hortin, Elizabeth A. James, Marissa G. Saunders, Marc E. Trenam, Jonathan H. Watanabe.

Clayton Junior High, Salt Lake City District: David J. Hatch, Daniel Oviatt, Megan J. Peterson, Thomas A. Stephens.

Eastmont Middle School, Jordan District: Elissa D. Ashby, Britney I. Burgess, Dustin E. Coyle, Emily Harkness, Gretchen R. Hove, Brett R. Jones, Wendy J. Langeberg, Richard V. Mickelsen, Nichole L. Selmer, Michelle Sullivan, Rebecca M. Thatcher.

Eisenhower Junior High, Granite District: Michael E. Lang, Marcus E. Peterson.

Evergreen Junior High, Granite District: Tamra E. Belcher, Julie Hoggan, Jennifer S. Seaman.

Hillcrest Junior High, Murray District: Mark S. Broschinsky, W. Isaac Carroll, Cydamarie Klc.

Hillside Intermediate, Salt Lake City District: Jaysen R. Oldroyd, Sean A. Gillman, Heather A. Hogan, Michael D. Jenkins, Peter K Yoho.

Hunter Junior High, Granite District: Adam H. Peterson.

Indian Hills Middle School, Jordan District: Bryan C. Bateman, Jason L. Berg, Michael F. Challis, Daniel J. Davis, Joseph R. Eames, Jennifer Gleason, Jason B. Hall, Jennifer M. Marcos, John H. Moeller, Marie R. Whitaker, Sytske S. Woodhouse, Jayme P. Woodhouse.

Midvale Middle School, Jordan School District: Natalie J. Blades, Laura D. Fairbanks, Helen A. Frohlich, George R. Granholm, Shandon D. Hatch, Andrew P. Lee, Randall R. Sjoblom, Russell S. Sperry, Elizabeth A. Young.

Northwest Junior High, Salt Lake City District: Rebecca J. Anderson.

Olympus Junior High, Granite School District: Matthew J. Astle, Jason W. Seawright.

Riverview Junior High, Murray District: Lori A. Hofman, Calvin K. Lee.

Valley Junior High, Granite District: Derek L. Bruening.

Waterford School, Private: Lucy C. Burningham, James Doolin, Nathan D. Kesler, Elizabeth J. Whittlesey.

West High, Extended Learning Program, Salt Lake City District: David G. Anderson, Nicholaas K. Bodkin, Molly J. Gallivan, Jessica L. Gezon, Elizabeth Goodliffe, Chandra B. Heaton, Tyler R. Jarvik, Michael J. Kennedy, Michael J. Larsen, Steven I Larsen, Shad Outsen, Susan B. Podolsky, Mindee A. Pullman, Vincent H. Shih, Michael R. Shirts, Robert M. Siegel, Justin B. Smith, Stephen J. Spencer, Samantha A. Stewart, Jamison A. Stewart, Jeff B. Stubbs, Collin J. Tomb.

Westlake Jr. High: Michael A. Allgrunn, Abigail Bind, Carina L. Kuesterman, Rusty B. Northrup, Brian D. Poole.