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The Lake Powell ferry will be out of service Memorial Day weekend.

The low water level has forced the closure of the John Atlantic Burr ferry from 7 p.m. May 25 until 8 a.m. May 30.The ferry has been operating on Lake Powell for four years and generally uses specially designated loading and unloading ramps at Bullfrog and Hall's Crossing marinas. Due to the unusually low lake level this spring, these ramps are unusable.

The ferry has been using public boat ramps at both marinas, but with the large crowds expected for the holiday weekend, officials decided ferry service should be suspended.

Because of the low water level, ferry service could be suspended during other periods of high visitation to the lake this summer. The Utah Department of Transportation is studying the possibility of extending the usual loading ramps to eliminate the problem of the ferry using the public boat ramps at the marinas.