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The illnesses threatening the life of former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos are being used by his wife Imelda in an attempt to pressure the government in Manila into letting them return home, a government official said.

Marcos, 71, has been listed in very critical condition at Honolulu's St. Francis Hospital since Thursday when doctors connected him to a blood-cleansing hemodialysis machine after his kidneys failed.Medical bulletins issued by the hospital throughout the weekend said the prognosis for Marcos's recovery were poor.

While the exiled Marcos has lain ill, his wife has made repeated appeals to Philippines President Corazon Aquino to permit his return home to die. After more than 20 years as president, Marcos was forced from power in February 1986 by a "people's revolution," and he has lived in Hawaii since then.

The Aquino government has denied the requests that he be allowed to return, and Tomas Gomez, the Philippines consul in Honolulu, late Sunday accused Mrs. Marcos of trying to stir up a disinformation campaign.

"Imelda is behaving as though they are merely stranded tourists," Gomez said in a telephone interview. "The fact remains that they were exiled here for very grave reasons. They are deposed dictators. They plundered the economy of the country, and I continue to hold them responsible for the death of Benigno Aquino."