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Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, earned $17,000 last year in speech fees, mostly from defense contractors likely interested in his seat on the House Armed Forces Committee.

That's according to financial disclosure forms for House members released Monday.Meanwhile, Rep. Wayne Owens, D-Utah, failed to file his financial disclosure form on time with the House clerk - which he also did last year - and asked for an extension.

Rep. Howard Nielson, R-Utah, released his disclosure forms last week when senators released theirs. He earned $10,000 in speech fees, called honorariums, with much of that coming from communications companies interested in his assignment on a subcommittee that oversees the telecommunications industry.

Hansen's disclosure form shows he gave 14 speeches to receive the extra $17,000 on top of his regular $89,500 congressional salary.

Most of the groups to whom he spoke were defense contractors - including General Dynamics, McDonnell Douglas, United Technologies, Grumman Corp., Hercules and Northrup Corp.

One of the more controversial - and smaller honorariums - he received was from the National Wilderness Conference when he accepted a $500 speech fee and air fare from Washington to Las Vegas and Los Angeles last June.

His opponent in last year's campaign, Democrat Gunn McKay, attacked Hansen for accepting that speech fee saying he was out padding his own salary while he missed what McKay called an important House vote on catastrophic health care for senior citizens.

Hansen's disclosure forms also show he earned between $5,401 and $18,000 from interest on bank accounts and from renting an office building and condominium.

Hansen listed his assets, not including his residences, to be between $106,000 and $285,000. He listed a liability of between $15,001 and $50,000 for a mortgage on an office building.

Nielson listed his outside income from rent and bank interest between $2,504 and $8,000. He also received $2,118 in early retirement income from BYU where he was a professor.

Nielson listed assets - not counting his residences - at between $40,006 and $140,000, and a liability (a mortgage on a rental home) of between $15,001 and $50,000.