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Geneva Steel officials, responding to a clean air forum held over the weekend, have reiterated their pledge to work with clean-air advocates to improve Utah Valley's air quality.

"Geneva Steel is dedicated to protecting the health of Utah County residents," Geneva President Joe Cannon said in a prepared statement. "We are actively serving on the Utah County Clean Air Committee with Kerry Romesburg, Sam Rushforth, Brent Morris and representatives of other groups in hopes that together we can solve the area's air problems."Several forum speakers cited Geneva as the valley's chief culprit of fine-particulate pollution. According to one Geneva official, no one from the plant was invited to speak at the forum.

Cannon said progress in cleaning up the valley's air depends on cooperation.

"Geneva officials share the concerns of other local residents in protecting the environment, so we're doing all we can - all that is humanly possible - to do our part in cleaning up the air," he said "We are now and will continue to meet every health-based, air-quality regulation. And we are constantly striving to stay within visual standards.

We live here in Utah County. We are a part of the community. We are committed to keeping the air clean and safe."