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The key to success, according to Carol Shelton Walker, author of the book "How to Succeed in Business Without Being a Man," is to conceive a goal, believe in it and then work hard to achieve it.

"Until you know what you want to do with your life, no one can help you," Walker said. "When you know what you want to do, no one can stop you."Women are equipped with every tool necessary to overcome adversity and to achieve greatness, but in order to do so they need to quit operating in a "default mode" and have faith in their ability to achieve, Walker said.

Walker was the keynote speaker Saturday at the annual women's conference sponsored by the Center for Personal and Career Development at Utah Valley Community College. Also during the conference awards were given to Hollie Schelin, Laura Morris, Ardean Campbell and Diane Carson in recognition of their contributions to the center's development.

Walker, a resident of Idaho Falls, used her personal experiences as an example of what women can achieve.