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One of three rezoning requests by the Lagoon Corp. that were hotly contested at a public hearing has been granted by the Farmington City Council.

One of the three was denied and the third was put on hold while the city studies the Lagoon master plan.The council approved the company's request to rezone a 2.4-acre parcel it owns near Lagoon Lane between Main Street and the park's present boundary from business to commercial recreation.

The parcel is already surrounded by other commercial-recreation property owned by Lagoon.

The company requested another 10-acre parcel in the same area be rezoned, but the council and planning commission want to restudy Lagoon's master plan to make sure there is a buffer zone.

Residents at an April public hearing said Lagoon is encroaching into the city's residential areas.

Noise, lights and problems with the crowds attracted to the amusement park are decreasing the quality of life for property owners in the residential neighborhoods that skirt the park, they told the council.

Over the years the park has expanded, buying up homes and other property to the south and east, and its impact is increasingly bothersome, the residents said. Many said they cannot use their back yards in the summer because of the noise from rides, concerts and the crowds.

A master plan for the amusement park was approved by the City Council earlier this year after several months of review.

A third rezone request, to change a one-acre parcel west of a rental house at 300 N. Main the park owns from residential to commercial-recreation was also turned down, although the council approves Lagoon's plans to build greenhouses on the property. Flowers for park use would be grown in them.

The council denied the rezoning request but told Lagoon to resubmit its request for a building permit for the greenhouses.

The property's current 2 zoning lists agriculture as a permitted use.