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The winery worker charged with seven slayings called a newspaper to thank the man who found his surviving daughter in a county dump with her throat slashed.

"I want to thank the guy who found my daughter," said Ramon Salcido in a telephone call Monday night to The Press Democrat in Santa Rosa.Salcido also said he wanted to thank Petaluma Valley Hospital for its care of 3-year-old Carmina who has recovered and is living with her grandfather.

"I love her and I'm thinking about her," he said. "She's my daughter and I love her."

Salcido refused to answer questions about the case or conditions at Sonoma County Jail, although he has described them as "a living hell."

"I'm sorry, I cannot answer anything like that," said Salcido. "I'm sorry but I cannot talk."

Salcido, 28, is charged in the deaths of his wife, two daughters, his mother-in-law, two sisters-in-law and a co-worker.