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Alpine School District has announced trans-fers of principals at six elementary schools in the district.

The changes will take place during May so the principals can begin working with the staffs at the schools, said Luana Searle, assistant superintendent for the district."This is a normal process for the district," Searle said. "Each year we transfer a number of principals. We've found that a principal's effectiveness is enhanced with a periodic change of environment. Also, in this way we can better meet the individual needs of our elementary schools."

The six schools to have new principals are: Alpine, Aspen, Barratt, Bonneville, Lehi and Westmore.

Alpine Elementary: Paul Rasband will replace Roger Olsen. Rasband has been the principal at Lehi Elementary. He has been with the district since 1975 when he started as an elementary teacher at Sego Lily in Lehi. He was named principal of Cedar Valley Elementary in 1981. He has been the principal at Lehi Elementary since 1983.

Aspen Elementary (Orem): Stan Butler will replace Jim Gray. Butler is principal at Westmore Elementary, where he has been since 1985. He started with the district in 1973 as a fifth-grade teacher at Geneva Elementary. He also taught at Greenwood and Forbes Elementary Schools in American Fork.

Barratt Elementary (American Fork): Roger Olsen will replace Susan Stone. Olsen has been principal at Alpine Elementary since 1983. He served as assistant principal at Bonneville Elementary for a year and taught at Alpine Elementary for nine years. He started his career in education as a teacher at Lindon Elementary in 1963.

Bonneville Elementary (Orem): Susan Stone will replace Brent Milne. Stone is presently the principal at Barratt Elementary where she has been for a year. She has been the community education director for the district for a number of years. She started teaching with the district in 1973 as a fourth-grade teacher at Central Elementary in Pleasant Grove. This appointment is for one year while Milne directs the activities of the Utah Principals Academy.

Lehi Elementary: Jim Gray will replace Paul Rasband. Gray has been principal of Aspen Elementary in Orem since 1987. He has been a principal in the district since 1972 and has also been a school counselor at the junior high level. He started teaching in the district in 1963 at Lehi Junior High School.

Westmore Elementary (Orem): Karl Bowman will replace Stan Butler. Bowman is a new principal this year. He has been a teacher on special assignment with the district for the past two years. He started teaching in 1985 at Northridge Elementary School in Orem.