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Nothing will happen to Pete Rose for at least another month.

Commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti agreed Monday to the Cincinnati manager's request for a one-month postponement of baseball's hearing on Rose's alleged gambling. The hearing had been scheduled for Thursday in New York."As a result of their request, I have reset the hearing date," Giamatti said in a statement. "The hearing date will be on June 26, 1989, at 9 a.m. in my office."

Giamatti did not elaborate but spokesman Rich Levin said the postponement was granted "in the spirit of fairness."

"We think it's fair," Rose said Monday night before Cincinnati's scheduled game against St. Louis was rained out. "I'm glad the commissioner gave us another month to get our act together, so to speak."

If Rose is found to have bet on baseball, he would be suspended for one year. If he is found to have bet on games involving the Reds, he would be banned for life.