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To the editor:

It has been very surprising to see First District Congressman James Hansen question Congressman Wayne Owens' interest in federal lands outside of the Second Congressional District. Hansen has forgotten that he himself has actively expressed an interest in federal lands in Owens' district.For example, earlier this year when it was announced that Fort Douglas, which is in Owens' district, might be closed, Hansen was one of the first to offer a proposal for the future of the military post.

Yet, when roles are reversed, Hansen and fellow Utah Republican Howard Nielson get upset. They forget that Owens has a right to participate in discussions and propose legislation that will decide the future of southern Utah's remarkable canyon country.

In fact, any U.S. congressman and every American, whether he or she is from Utah or Rhode Island, has a right to participate in these very important discussions. The public lands of southern Utah belong to the American public as a whole.

Rudy Lukez

Utah Chapter Sierra Club