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With a student-to-nurse ratio considerably higher than Utah County's other two school districts, it's time more nurses were made available to the Alpine School District, county commissioners were told Monday.

County Health Director Joseph Miner said the student-nurse ratio in Alpine is 5,315 to 1, compared with 3,965 in the Nebo district and 3,121 in the Provo district. If commissioners grant Miner's request, the number of students per nurse in the Alpine district would drop to 4,134.The Alpine Board of Education already has agreed to pay more than half the cost of two additional three-quarter-time nurses. The county's portion for August through December would be about $8,000. Next year, the district would pay $22,733; the county would pay $19,881.

Miner said the Alpine district needs additional nurses so it can better meet federal and state laws, including SB261, which mandates adequate immunization of students.