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The creation of special ombudsmen at five military logistics centers to address acquisition problems not resolved through normal channels has been announced by the Air Force Logistics Command.

"We recognize that problems sometimes arise because an individual may not know how to work within the acquisition process well enough to be heard and to get a satisfactory response," said Brig. Gen. Robert Swarts, deputy chief of staff for Contracting and manufacturing. "We are also providing a means to obtain feedback from industry."The new ombudsmen, announced Tuesday, will be established at the contracting center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as well as logistics centers at Kelly Air Force Base in Texas, Hill Air Force Base in Utah, Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, McClellan Air Force Base in California, and Robins Air Force Base in Georgia.

The AFLC employs 98,000 people and manages about $45 billion in military contracts each year. The command purchases, supplies and maintains everything needed to keep the Air Force combat ready.