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Von Hayes has been hearing trade rumors for a while and last week the New York Mets talked to the Philadelphia Phillies about the first baseman.

But Mets Joe McIlvaine, the Mets' vice president for baseball operations, denied a report in The Philadelphia Inquirer that said New York offered center fielder Len Dykstra, pitching prospect David West and another minor-league pitcher to the Phillies for Hayes."Frankly, I don't think I'd make the trade even for just Dykstra and West," McIlvaine said. "We have talked with the Phillies but not since last week. We are a good fit with them because their prime need is pitching and ours is hitting. But we just bandied names about. We have not come to any posture where a trade would be immiment."

Since the winter meetings last December, Hayes' name has been part of weekly rumors.

Hayes is batting .300 with seven homers and 27 RBIs.