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Dan Rather had to explain the difference between peanut butter and toothpaste to a protester in Beijing while covering the pro-democracy demonstrations.

The CBS anchorman always takes a survival kit that includes bottled water, Vienna sausages and small cans of tuna when he travels to farflung places, and his wife recently came up with a new item to include - peanut butter in squeezable tubes.One day last week, after making his way through Beijing traffic and various checkpoints leading to the center of Tiananmen Square, Rather found himself with a few idle moments.

"I took out my little tube of peanut butter and decided to have a pop," he said. "A student came up and said, `Can I borrow some of your toothpaste?"' Rather tried to explain that it was peanut butter and finally showed the student what was in the tube. The student backed off and Rather says he apparently was saying, "Boy, that is really gross-looking toothpaste."