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The Cheneys' daughter, Mary, a junior at college in Colorado, had applied for a job as a Youth Conservation Corps crew leader at Yellowstone but received a form letter telling her she wasn't eligible.

Mrs. Cheney then called Yellowstone Superintendent Bob Barbee to discuss the matter, prompting a second review of the application and a job offer as a seasonal ranger. Mary Cheney starts next month.

Mrs. Cheney's role in the job offer was reported Wednesday by The Washington Post.

Mrs. Cheney said she saw nothing wrong with her intevening in her daughter's behalf and didn't think her position or her husband's influenced Barbee to hire their daughter.

Yellowstone officials said it's not unusual for them to review rejected job applications.

"We get phone calls from people many, many times. From congressional (staffers) who had one of their constituents who called them to check into things," park spokeswoman Marsha Karle said.

"We do it on a frequent basis, where we'll go back and look at things again."

Karle said Mary Cheney's duties as a seasonal ranger would be to work with Youth Conservation Corps crews as a camp counselor. She'll be paid $6.74 an hour for the eight-week job, the spokeswoman said.

This year Yellowstone hired almost 300 seasonal rangers from a pool of approximately 2,000 applicants, said Karle.