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Petitions seeking the recall of three Ute Tribal Business Committee members are circulating once again amid charges that the three are acting irresponsibly by missing key committee meetings.

Recently installed tribal chairman Luke Duncan says vice chairwoman Irene Cuch and business committee members Gary Poowegup and Wilford Conetah have missed about half of the business committee meetings since May 8.Duncan said because of their absence, the board has not had a quorum and the six-member governing body cannot conduct business.

He said the tribe stands to lose a contract for 30 new homes to be built on the reservation, as well as federal grant money for economic development.

Duncan accuses Poowegup, Cuch and Conetah of "working against the betterment of the tribe" by failing to participate in business committee meetings.

Recall petitions were circulated earlier in the year. However, a special recall election board ruled that tribal dissidents failed to gather enough valid signatures at that time.