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If you are looking for a shortcut to the Seven Peaks Water Park, it won't be via Third North.

This week the City Council voted to install a gate across the east end of Seven Peaks Parkway and Third North to prevent park traffic from traveling through the residential area just west of the park.Once the gate is installed, the only entrance to the water park will be from Center Street.

Neighbors were primarily concerned that a gate be installed to prevent heavy traffic, but suggestions earlier had been made to locate the gate at the west side of the Timpanogos Community Mental Health Center and reroute that traffic past the park and onto Center Street. Timp Mental Health is the most eastern building on Third North.

The center's attorney, David Lambert, said, "We support the idea of a gate, but Timpanogos has been a good neighbor for approximately 20 years, and we have never noticed a traffic problem before.

"We will continue to be good neighbors and would like to be able to get to our property."

Timpanogos Director Don Muller said the center deals with people who do not adapt well to changes and suggested the present entrance from Ninth East remain open. Many of the center's patients merely create foot traffic, he said.

"With the gate at the west perimeter you are not going to get away from the traffic problem," he said. "Cars will come down at 35 or 40 mph and won't see the gate until they are right there. That is a hazard for our foot traffic and population."

The location at the east end of Third North will solve most of the traffic control problems and public safety matters, Mayor Joe Jenkins said.