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Jacqueline Hancey was recognized as the humanitarian of the year at the Humane Society of Utah's 4th Annual Awards Banquet recently.

Hancey, Millville, Cache County, was recognized for her work in providing hay during the winter for the wild elk herds in northern Utah.Others recognized at the awards ceremony included Katharine Brant as employee of the year, Cathy Nelson as volunteer of the year, and Oscar Hicks as senior volunteer of the year. All are from the Salt Lake area.

Brant, the society's development director, was recognized for the public relations work she performs and the professional newsletter she has developed for the society. Nelson was honored for her work in assisting the society's public education program, especially in working with the schools.

The Deseret News and Lois Jensen were recognized as members of the society's President's Club, and attorney Michael Carlston and state Rep. Joanne Milner, D-Salt Lake, were honored for their work involving legislation to protect the rights of animals.

Volunteers receiving certificates of recognition included Mae Hendricks, Rainer Huck, Rosilyn Smith, Lillian Wright, Barbara Higbee, Karen Smith and Debbe Woodbury.

Recognized for community involvement efforts were Lorraine Bassett, Martie Bland, Dick Carter, Bryan DeYoung, Barbara Jones, Anita Peacock, Fay Shifflett, Sandi Behnken, Drake Busath, Janice Coe, Jim Brigsby, Steve Mills, Margaret Pettis, and Hope Skinner.