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By combining harmony, truth, faith and hope it is possible for all to reach their potential and give something to the future, Provo High School graduates were told at commencement exercises.

More than 320 seniors were awarded diplomas in the Marriott Center on Thursday evening.Harmony is an intertwining of uniqueness, restraint, cooperation and selflessness, student speaker Colleen E. Covey said. "Together fulfilling our own roles we can orchestrate our lives into a beautiful symphony . . . a harmony that all can enjoy."

Speaking of truth, graduating senior Anne Laursen said: "A whole new world is open to us. We are beginning to feel a sense of freedom, yet with this freedom comes responsibility. The responsibility to seek out and to live the truth in ourselves, and in honorable relationships with others.

"Man is self-determining. What we become, we make out of ourselves. What we do with our lives depends upon our decision, not upon our conditions. We determine what we want to do with our lives, based upon the truths which we live."

Student Blake Ballif said: "We must have faith. We must believe in the possibility and then push forward with the energy and confidence so that we might someday make all of our dreams become realities."

There is always hope no matter how dismal things may appear, said Eun-Young Park, also graduating. "Hope is the light. It is the light within each of us that can pierce through the darkness of discouragement."

"We, as graduates of 1989, should be the kind of people who can pierce through despair and bring back hope. For where there is life, there is hope."

David Monson, senior class president, said, "We couldn't accomplish anything without the support system of family and friends."

The Provo High School Concert Chorale and Symphonic Band performed several numbers at the commencement exercises.